Marukobukarappa (マルコブカラッパ) was a scrapped monster that was set to appear in the Gamera series.

Aside from the confirmation of his appearance, extremely little information of this monster exists. It is known that he was going to appear in Gamera vs. Garasharp as one of the two monsters that he would fight in the film.


Marukobukakappa has a beak filled with teeth, a mushroom-like body covered in bulbous spores, two large bulbous eyes and long, thin arms. The suits feet and hands look like dog paws and it is believed that the hands would have been able to move using string grabbers since the actors arms would not be long enough to go past the elbows on the suit. The wearer would see out of the small clear bubble on Marukobukarappa's head.



  • Marukobukarappa's design is based off of a Spider Decorator Crab.[1]
  • Despite his design being based off a Spider Decorator Crab however Marukobukarappa bears no resemblance to a Spider Decorator Crab at all.
  • Marukobukarappa was set to appear alongside Garasharp in the scrapped 1972 Showa era film, Gamera vs. Garasharp.