Toto is the re-birthed individual of Gamera in 1973[1][2], and he first appeared in the 2006 film, Gamera: The Brave.


In the modern day, the child of a man who witnessed that battle finds a turtle egg that hatches into a baby Gamera that he names Toto. When a lizard-like monster named Zedus appears, Toto tries to fight the monster, but ends up being gravely wounded and taken by the military for study. He ends up escaping and growing to a larger size to try and fight Zedus again, this time Toto destroys Zedus by shooting a fireball at his mouth.



  • The powerful fireball used by Toto to defeat Zedus was later named "Toto Impact" which was chosen by public subscription.
  • As a baby, Toto was played by a African spurred tortoise.


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