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Showa Gamera reveiws (Dub versions)[]

- Gammera, The Invincivble: Very generic, other than that, the movie is just bad. I do like the Gamera suit in this movie, other than that, the movies bad. Surprising for Gamera who is now the most famous kaiju next to the likes of Godzilla and Rodan.

- War of The Monsters: This maybe my favorite Gamera movie. It has a much darker ton and doesn't have an annoying little brat and I do like that Barugon gets more screen time than Gamera, so that you get to know this new monster. Barugon is a classic Gamera foe even though Gyaos is much more famous. Barugon is now canon to the Heisei series thanks to a 2002 manga.

- Gamera Vs. Gaos: The last one was good! No brat and a much darker tone. Did the series continue in this direction? Of course not. Gamera Vs. Gaos isn't bad. Its just fun to laugh at. The kid is incredibly stupid and infuriating. This is also the first film that much sillier with Gyaos getting dropped into lava at the end (yes, Gaos is only the english title).

- Destroy All Planets: This name was chosen to I guess fool people into thinking it was Destroy All Monsters. The movie has squid aliens that fly in a bee abdomen space ship. This movie doubles the brat factor by giving us two of them. An American brat and a Japanese brat, or ガキ I guess. These brats almost crash a submarine.

- War of The Monsters: I fricking (lets stay family friendly) hate this movie. I watched the dub for all these movies so yeah... This movie also has an American brat and a Japanese brat. This time the Japanese brat gets shaved bald though. This movie not only introduces Guiron, the result of a sexual relationship between a knife and the shark from Jaws. It introduces Space Gyaos, an alternate dimension version of Gyaos, and somehow the kids know this. This time the film takes place on a new planet, Terra. The kids somehow mistake the Planet Terra for a star... Even though they were standing on it.

- Gamera Vs. Monster X: Monster X is a very generic name that has been used for Guilala and Kaiser Ghidorah. This time its used for Jiger, the grape minus a G monster. Yeah. Jiger impregnates Gamera with a disgusting little Jiger brat, so a Jigrat. This time they still use the same old American and Japanese brat memo. This time the Japanese brat has gargantuan eyebrows. This film takes place at Expo 70. A Godzilla Vs. Gamera stage show was made to promote this film at Expo 70. It was Gamera Vs. Minilla Vs. Jiger Vs. Gorosaurus Vs. Godzilla Vs. Gyaos.

- Gamera Vs. Zigra: Its weird. Just plane weird. The movie is just a fever dream. An absolute fever dream of a film! Zigra can talk apparently. Zigra the fish also comes from a planet were people get eaten by fish. The brats time travel into 1985 but there aren't any leg warmers so its inaccurate. Like Gamera Vs. Monster X this film "promotes" sea world. Their isn't much to say about this movie other than that Gamera breaths fire underwater and Zigra cant use his flippers to swim while he is in his shark form. I loved seeing those brats in a submarine while Zigra was underwater. They didn't die though...

- Gamera: Super Monster: This movie takes place in a separate continuity where Gamera, Barugon, Gyaos, Viras, Guiron, Jiger and Zigra are fictional characters. Gamera is a brats pet turtle transformed by 3 space ladies. An alien named Zanon creates the other kaiju. This movie uses stock footage and is mainly forgotten. This put Gamera in dormant for years until the Heisei era. Gamera commits suicide at the end to kill Zanon but I don't buy it. Gamera defiantly committed suicide because he felt bad that you had to watch this fever dream.

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